Angry swans and crazy laughing gulls

I was walking around Seurasaari again today since the weather was so great. The mute swans almost ate me alive when I went too close to the water. The one in the first photo came straight at me and looked almost like it could bite me if I had stayed there. On the way home I stopped in Keilaniemi to photograph some buildings and then took a shot of some graffiti in Tontunmäki after getting the groceries. The day turned out to be very productive photography-wise. So a lot of pictures today. I hope you have the patience to look trough them all!

A big mute swan (kyhmyjoutsen) can be quite intimidating up close

And also quite funny when surveyed from little farther away 🙂

They were not sleeping although it may seem so

Laughing gulls (naurulokki) flying in Seurasaari

A laughing gull which has gone a little cuckoo in the head and thinks the sky might fall down on him 😉
(remember to click for a larger view)

A curious squirrel eyeing his surroundings

Looks almost like a prairie dog on the lookout 🙂

A great crested grebe (silkkiuikku)

A great spotted woodpecker (käpytikka) taking a mighty snack with him

A great tit (haha funny name, talitiainen)

Kone building in Keilaniemi

Reflection of Kone building in Nokia headquarters glass wall

Local artwork in the wild ghetto of Tontunmäki 😉


One thought on “Angry swans and crazy laughing gulls

  1. lol never knew tontunmäki was a ghetto, better watch out for gun fights then the next time i leave home 😛

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