Deer, butterfly and a fatso pheasant

Today we went to the field again in Kirkkonummi with Chili (our dog, check out more pictures of him from the link Ammin eläintarhan elämää) and had high hopes of seeing the deer there. Our field was completely empty but there were indeed a couple of deer a bit further. Too bad they were so far away that the pictures didn’t turn out so great. On the way back to the car we encountered a nice surprise, the first of the summer butterfly! And when we came home there was yet another surprise waiting in front of our house. The fattest pheasant (fasaani) I have ever seen!

The deer. I will get a better shot than this eventually 🙂

A European peacock butterfly (neitoperhonen) resting on a rock

This pheasant has been home during mealtimes 😉


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