Harakka island and a few other places

I went to the small island called Harakka near Kaivopuisto this afternoon. It’s a protected area right next to the shore of Helsinki and home to many seabirds. There wasn’t that many different birds yet on the island and unfortunately I didn’t get a good photo of a oystercatcher (meriharakka) which the island is named after. On the way home I saw a couple of rabbits and a pheasant right next to the busy road near the center of Tapiola. When I got back home I went for a walk with the dog and we spotted a dead owl in the nearby forest. I have no idea what had killed it. It seemed to have suffered a blow to the head but I have no idea what could have caused it.

Silja Line cruise ship going into the haze

A herring gull (harmaalokki) couple watching over their spot on the rocks

Herring gulls caught in the act

A group of barnacle geese (valkoposkihanhia) flying with the Viking Line cruiser

A pheasant oversees the trimming of the grass in Tapiola

Bunny and gull in Tapiola

A dead owl (pöllö) in the forest near my house, wonder why he died

Dead owl resting on a stump


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