Busy weekend

It’s been a very busy weekend so I have lots of pictures for you this time. I have broken the pictures into four groups and there is a little summary before each set.

So the first three photos are from Seurasaari where we were walking with Unna on Saturday. There was lots of laughing gulls and a funny looking pigeon and I got some nice shots of the reeds too.

A golden reed glowing in the afternoon sun

A curiously colored laughing gull taking off (click for the larger version)

A weird looking pigeon in Seurasaari

On Sunday we were in Ikaalinen since Chili was taking part in a obedience trial there. Chili did very well and you can read more about it from Ammi’s blog. I focused on some macro-photography while waiting for Chili’s turn.

Spider in the sand

Top of a small pine

During Monday we spent some time visiting my grandmother since she had not seen Unna yet. There were the usual huge snails in the cellar and I got a very nice shot of a bumblebee from our yard.

A huge snail on our cellar wall (about 8-10 centimeters long)

A bumblebee harvesting some nectar from a small flower

We went also for a walk to the nearby forest with Chili and got some nice shots of blossoming catkins with a bumblebee again and some hepaticas too. We also visited my old favorite spot in the forest which is a huge cliff where I used to rock climb during summer holidays and I got a pretty nice photo of the big pine that grows there.

Some hepaticas (sinivuokkoja) in the forest

A catkin (pajunkissa) in full blossom

A bumblebee (kimalainen) on a catkin

Catkins and a fly

Catkin giving way to sprouts on a willow branch

A large pine growing on a ledge


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