Sailing trip to Sweden

It’s been a while since my last post and that is because I was sailing last weekend and got so much good photos I can’t decide what to upload. Here is a short travelogue and some of the about 1300 photos I took 🙂 Remember to check the link to the gallery in the end of the post where you can see some more of the best shots.

We left from Taalintehdas on Friday afternoon and set sail towards Sweden. Unfortunately it was so calm that we could only use the sails on the first day of the journey and had to rely on the motor for the rest.

Here we are on the way in a superb weather

And here is our captain with our sponsor clearly visible 🙂

After sailing over the open ocean during the night we saw a magnificent sunrise. Our course was set for the island village of Sandhamn which would be our first stop. On the way there we even spotted a couple of white-tailed eagles (merikotka) or at least I think so, please leave a comment if you think I’m mistaken.

Sun is going down while we leave the outer islands behind

Sunrise looked a bit like a mushroom cloud

White-tailed eagles watching a seagull fly by

We stopped in Sandhamn only to eat and continued to Sjaltsjöbaden for the night.

We slept here (in the boat, not the hotel) 🙂

On Sunday morning we had only a short distance to go to our final destination which was here (can’t remember the name of the harbour).

We saw some should we say “valuable” boats too

And houses also..

After reaching our final destination we took the train to Stockholm and went for a mandatory stop at the Sergels torg Burger King and then came back to Helsinki by Silja Serenade.

A cruiser was leaving Stockholm only a few minutes after our ship

A weird UFO has landed in Stockholm…

Overall the trip was very nice and the weather was good although a bit more wind would have been nice. For some more nice photos check out this link for a little gallery I put together and please leave a comment if you like (or dislike) a photo!


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