Macro shots, goose chicks and flowers

It’s been a while since the last update because I have been working so much last week and then there was the Midsummer Day celebration weekend. I took some good photos of the goose chicks that are growing up near my home. The same day I took some photos of the lilac flowers up close and even spotted some snails. The frog is from last weekend and the lupine and poppy as well.

sireeniLilac (syreeni) flowers close up

Goose chicks enjoying a summer day

You have to tread carefully on the edge

A little bit of yelling is good every once in a while

A mute swan was not too happy about the geese taking a bath and kept them on the shore

A cool frog was chilling amongst the grass

Sine snails having a meeting on a branch

Some sort of beetle hanging around in a poppy (unikko) flower

sinikukkaA lupine composed of several macro images of the flower


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