Error 99

So it’s been a while since my last post. And that is because my Canon EOS 450D is being repaired. I was happily shooting one day and then all of a sudden “Error 99. Shooting is not possible.” text popped up and the camera refused to take another photo. Hopefully I will get it back this week or the next. Seems to be something wrong with the shutter mechanism. In the meanwhile here is a nice panorama lake sunset landscape I shot with my mobile phone during yesterday nights golf round in Kurk. Phone used is the Samsung i8910 HD and the image has been composed of four separate photos. I’m pretty happy with result considering it’s shot with a mobile phone camera, albeit a very good one (8mp and does 720p video too), and in relatively low light.

The view to the lake is from the 14th tee, flag is uphill next to the trees in the right side of the image

Here is the same image as a yellowish/blue split-tone


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