Broken shutter finally fixed

It’s been a while since the repair of my camera took a little longer than I expected. The “error 99” was caused by a broken shutter and it was  repaired. But somehow in the process they managed to do something to the sensor and all the pictures I took with repaired camera were way too warm. Orange flowers looked bloody red and green leafs were almost brown. Anyways they promptly fixed that by recalibrating the sensor in one day when I took it back and now everything is in order. Here’s a couple of photos now with the fixed camera. The butterfly is near my home and the two others I took when I was walking home from work.

A peacock butterfly (neitoperhonen) drinking from a  thistle (ohdake) flower

A dead hedgehog near the walkway in Munkkiniemi, probably been hit by a car 😦

A lilac hanging down after the rain


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