Snow, graffiti and icicles..

It’s been a while again so this will be a long post with lot’s of photos from the last couple of weeks. The first two I took with mu mobile phone from Otaniemi. The icicles on the yellow house and the candle photo were taken when we visited some Rhodesian dog puppies with my girlfriend, you can found more photos and info about the puppies here. The graffiti photos and rest of the images were taken from a walk around on the frozen ocean a while back. It’s quite cool what you can find under the highway bridges that go over the water 🙂 The sunset at the end is from my friends apartment.

This bicycle has been here a while

The pine cone sculpture in front of Dipoli covered by snow

Long icicles hanging from the eaves (räystäs)

jättijääpuikko rännijääpuikot
The one on the left is about two meters long and the ones on the right are just cool 🙂

Some icicles have even formed on a branch near the house

Inside it’s nice and warm

This one is from a house near my home

Here is a 360 degree panorama out from the sea (click for a large version)

A weird beam of light hitting a distant island

I quite like this ice sheet that has formed on a pier

Artwork under the bridge

There’s quite a lot of these under the bridges of Länsiväylä

You can even find a boat on ice

Some more through the bridge columns

These figures look pretty funny

Here is a rock that has pushed the surrounding ice upwards

The Kone building reflected of Nokia HQ in Keilaniemi

And to finish a calm nice sunset over Tapiola


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