Macro fun

I received some extension tubes in the mail yesterday and got to try them out with my 100mm macro lens today. Some pretty awesome results. Magnification with all the tubes (13mm + 21mm + 31mm) attached should be around 1.65x. First a couple of shots of normal baking ingredients and after those I went and scavenged some insects from inside of my kitchen lamp. Smile

sormisuolaSalt flakes

ruokosokeriBrown sugar

karpanenA very small fly, maybe a fruit fly?

karpanen&hyttynenThe fly again with a mosquito

itikoiden_hautausmaaMass grave of the insects

karpanen_sokerillaThe fly on top of a sugar hill

mittakaavaaAnd here is a photo to show you the scale, a regular A4 sized paper and the Canon EF 100mm L IS USM Macro + the extension tubes on the other side, the small dark spot on top of the sugar is the fly! Winking smile


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