A spider, a fly, a bee and an ant!

I have been using my Canon 100mm L IS USM Macro lens a lot. Here are some of the smaller things I have caught on a CF-card so far.

spider1Saw this guy having lunch

spider_closeupCloser look on the table manners

spider2An overview shot, the leg span of the spider was about 12-14mm so not a terribly big one

spider3One more from the side

spider_kirppuLater this weird small red beetle like creature came around and walked all over the spider which just stayed absolutely still and didn’t seem to mind at all.

flyOur cats caught and killed this one a while back (focus stacked from two images)

flycloseupClose-up of the head (this was a rather big fly, almost as big as a bee)

mehilainenA bee in an apple tree at my grandmothers garden

mehilainen2The trees were full of them but it was very windy so I didn’t get too many good photos

muurahaisetThese guys were having a rough day at work, only 4 of them and a huge pinecone to haul Smile

muurahainenThis one was clearly the strongest and almost got the whole cone moving by himself

muurahaiset2A close-up of one of the workers


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