Sunny day in Seurasaari

We went to Seurasaari with my girlfriend last week. The weather was nice but quite windy. When we were coming back towards our car we saw what we were looking for. There are lots of squirrels in Seurasaari and they are quite used to humans and come to take treats from your hand. These two we quite funny.

 halipulakurreGive me a hug! (click the image for a larger version)

IMG_3488Let go, this is mine!

IMG_3505Thanks for the almond!

IMG_3507I’ll be back for more!

IMG_3512Tasty stuff, try some yourself!

IMG_3264Lots of gulls around there too

IMG_3270Difficult landing in the windy weather

IMG_3279A pigeon on a branch

puukollaasiAnd a collection of old dead standing trees for the end (click for a larger version)


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