White-tailed deer

I went to Porkkalanniemi yesterday in hopes of seeing some deer and other animals. I was there very early when it was still fully dark and climbed to one of the towers that hunters use and settled in with my thermos. It turned out that I was almost a bit too early since I saw only one deer during dawn. But when the sun started rising higher and the field was fully lit the deer came out in numbers. In total I saw about 20 of them. Here are some of the best photos, you can check a larger gallery out on my Google+ page here.

First scout on the field

Mother and her “baby”

This guy stopped for a quick rest on the way to the coast

These are from my walk back to the car

All alert and ready to go


2 thoughts on “White-tailed deer

    • Thanks! Yeah it was a nice spot in the middle of the field with 360 degree views. I will definitely go back there and try to catch an elk in my viewfinder too since I saw lot of elk tracks. You have some excellent photos in your blog too, I especially like the ones of leaves and flowers.

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