Stars and startrails

I have been doing a little bit of star photography lately. I have used both single long exposure and stacked methods. I still have much to learn but I think these are a good start. The shot with the cityscape is from yesterday when there was a full moon. All the others are taken during Christmas night when there was an excellent clear sky and I was pretty far from any major light pollution sources as we were at my grandma’s.

Stacked image from the roof of my apartment building
(111 shots, 30sec each, so 55½min total exposure, f/5.6, ISO200)

Single exposure with 8mm fisheye, 1905sec (31,75min), ISO100

Same shot with the fisheye but 13sec and ISO6400

15sec exposure, f/2.0, ISO1600, trees lighted with flashlight

Again trees lighted with flashlight, 10sec, f/1.6, ISO1250


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