Fisheye star trails over Tapiola

Another star trail experiment from the roof of my apartment building. This time with a 8mm fisheye lens towards Tapiola. I took a total of 364 shots at 30sec exposure for a total exposure time of 182 minutes so just over 3 hours. Unfortunately some clouds came over and obstructed the visibility of the stars so I didn’t get a much longer view of those than last time. Also some condensation started to appear on the lens and the last 150 or so images were kind of hazy. It makes for a nice effect on the corners though with the city lights and moonlight in the upper left corner. Because of these problems the whole image is heavily processed but I hope someone likes it!

fisheyestartrails_tapiola8mm fisheye, 364 x 30s stacked, f/5.6, ISO160


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