I went to Kirkkonummi for the first time this spring last week to photograph deer. I was a little late as the sun was already rising when I was walking along the dirt road to the field. As I came close to the field where the hunting towers are I was greeted by a really curious couple. There was a fox right next to a doe and they didn’t pay any mind to each other. It was quite dark so I didn’t get a very good capture of them and it is very heavily processed but you can tell what they are at least. I thought that I was too late to see anything interesting after this but it turned out I was quite wrong and I got a lot more photos of various animals.

IMG_3203-Edit-2I was still walking to the field and saw these guys

IMG_3261-EditAfter about 30 minutes of waiting the deer returned

IMG_3340-EditAnd a few minutes later the fox came back around marking his territory

IMG_3350-EditPlenty of deer passed around me during my stay (you can see 5 in this photo if you have keen eyes)

IMG_3382-EditSome took the time to check me out but always from a safe distance

IMG_3399-EditWhile I photographed the deer on the other side two cranes landed behind me

IMG_3406-EditThey are quite magnificent birds, too bad but they took off pretty soon

IMG_3435-EditAfter the cranes left I was greeted by a fleet of new arrivals

IMG_3438-EditI was sitting in a tower like the one in this photo in the middle of the field and they flew towards me

IMG_3448-EditAnd two of them landed right next to me

IMG_3470-EditOne just flew past

IMG_3479-EditThe others stayed for about 15 minutes

IMG_3485-EditAlmost right after the swans left the fox came back

IMG_3488-EditHis sensitive ears picked up the sound of my camera shutter and he watched me for a while

IMG_3500-EditAfter he decided I wasn’t a threat he continued his round

IMG_3524-EditThese three were the last deer that I saw but they were also the best posers

IMG_3550-EditAfter the deer went back into the forest the fox returned once again and went on to crisscross the field


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