Playing with sparks

I saw an interesting tutorial by Evan Sharboneau and just had to try this technique.

In short it goes like this:

  1. Stuff 0-grade steel wool into some kind of a metal frame (I used a whisk) that you can tie a line to
  2. Start a long exposure shot
  3. Light the steel wool on fire (either with a lighter or a 9V battery)
  4. Let it SPIN! 🙂

And please take care that you don’t light anything on fire with the sparks and remember to protect your eyes if you give it a try!

IMG_3664_1Office buildings in Keilaniemi with sparks added

IMG_3651_1Karhusaari beach sparked up

IMG_3659_1Sparks under the highway

IMG_3665_1Keilaniemi again with sparks going even higher


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