XC Ski trip on the sea ice

I was testing my new skis on the sea ice today. The conditions were quite excellent. High wind and snowfall and few degrees below zero Celsius. Visibility was a little bit limited for the first half of my trip. You can check out my route from here if you are interested. My plan was to ski to the island of Gåsgrund but I had to revise my plan at the southern tip of my route as I was faced with water and ice-slush mixture beyond that point. The waves caused by high winds and a semi-near seaway are the likely culprit. I will have to pick another island or approach from a different direction next time. The photos are quite bluish-white this time but to my mind they reflect the gloomy look of the day quite well so I hope that’s ok. Also white balance might be a bit off on some/all cause I messed around with it quite a bit both in camera and in post processing.

NT1A2520Can you spot the guy kite skiing?

NT1A2527Now you might see him a bit better

NT1A2529Another shot of the same kite skier

NT1A2532More people in the whiteout

NT1A2534Para-ski-glider-sail-thingy aficionado enjoying the windy weather

NT1A2537Ice forming and breaking over rocks near the shore

NT1A2541Big rock covered by ice. Behind it the sea ice has melted into a water ice-slush mix so I couldn’t go further.

NT1A2544Someone forgot their boat

NT1A2548Me and my skis on the way home


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