Stockholm, frosty mist and a sunset

It’s been quite an awesome weather for a couple of days. It’s been really cold and at the same time really foggy. As a result all the trees are covered in a really nice frost. Too bad my real camera is in Tartu with my girlfriend so I have had to use an old half-broken Ixus 40 for these shots. Despite the lackluster equipment I think the sunset photo turned out quite nice. Also there’s a few photos from my trip to Stockholm before Christmas that I haven’t had time to upload.

First the sunset panorama from the top of my apartment building

Then an enigma for you to solve, leave a message in comments if you know what this is. Hint: It’s from my trip to Stockholm

A sailing ship in the chilly water

The amusement park is a bit empty during winter

Some pretty cool icicles

A frost covered birch

And to finish a panoramic view over misty and frozen Tapiola


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